WELCOME to the Hive Community!

WELCOME to the Hive Community!

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The mission of Hive (formerly Impactful Animal Advocacy) is to improve coordination and collaboration in the farmed animal advocacy movement by cultivating impact-focused communities. As part of our community, you’ll gain access to:

  1. Our 2500+ person Slack community, where you can connect, collaborate, and share resources with hundreds of other animal advocates from across the globe (check out our guide to getting the most out of Slack).
  2. Our bi-weekly newsletter, a digest of all the latest news, research, events, and opportunities within the movement.
  3. Our monthly Slack newsletter, highlighting the most important discussions and opportunities from within our Slack Community.
  4. Our Resource Hub, covering important and actionable topics, designed to be both comprehensive and easy to navigate.
  5. Our Events, in which you’ll meet advocates from across the world, learn about impactful and neglected topics and have the chance to gain tailored expert insights.

💎 Our Values

As a community, we prioritize the following values:

📊 Acting with Impact

We continuously seek out the best ways to improve the lives of animals. Through impactful, evidence-based strategies alongside promising experimental approaches backed by sound reasoning, we aim to help all animals in every corner of the world.

👂 Openness & Inclusivity

We strive to cultivate a friendly and welcoming environment and foster a global perspective on animal advocacy. Actively welcoming diverse viewpoints, we embrace our curiosity, are open to unconventional ideas, and give serious consideration to alternative perspectives.

🤝 Collaborative Engagement

By embracing open collaboration, exchanging knowledge, and providing mutual support and respect, we empower one another and propel our advocacy goals forward.

Have an idea for how something can be run? Try it out and ask for forgiveness.

Getting Started

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