Moderator Role

Moderator Role

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✨ Moderator

We will try to get back to you within a week.

👷 Role

  • Volunteer role - 3+ hours per week
    • ~30 minutes to 1 hour on at least three days a week consistently (working days preferred)

🧭 Responsibilities


Optional, depending on time and preference:

  • Encourage community participation and engagement.
  • React to or comment on posts with valuable insights.

💥 Benefits

  • Contribute to strengthening the farmed animal advocacy community.
  • Gain experience and expand networks within the advocacy sphere.
  • Collaborate with a dedicated team committed to reducing animal suffering.
  • Learn the art of community moderation with support from experienced mentors.

🎖️ Skills


  • Strong English language skills (reading and writing).
  • Proficiency in using Slack and digital communication tools.
  • Conflict management abilities to handle heated discussions calmly and objectively.
  • Capability to work independently while effectively communicating within a small team.

Good to Have:

  • Open-mindedness and adaptability.
  • Embrace a Growth mindset
  • Broad understanding of the animal advocacy movement.

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