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AMA10-15 min

A fundraising expert, Rick Holland, answered the community questions about fundraising on the IAA Slack.

Webinar1 hourPitchingRelationship-buildingFunding dynamicsMindset

This session covers the mindset and metrics that will support you pitching your project for funding opportunities. Join us to help shift out of scarcity mindset, solidify organizational foundations, and learn about sources of funding to support your work. Before writing grant proposals, pitching to funders, or running fundraising campaigns, it’s important to be able to clearly articulate your organization's mission, budget, objectives, and impact. With these pieces in place, you can confidently seek out funding from individual donors, grants, and more.

Webinar1 hourRelationship-buildingStorytellingUpdating donors on your workThanking donorsMaking the askPitching

Join us to learn the basics of how to build successful long term donor relationships. We will cover the entire cycle of donor cultivation starting from identifying prospects to making the final ask. This easy step by step process will help ensure better donor relation management for nonprofits, even with a small team.

WebinarPitchingProposalsRelationship-buildingMaking the ask1.5 hour

This session will share insights into funder decision-making and other aspects of the funding process from a funder point of view. Between power dynamics, unspoken expectations, and different funders’ styles, funder-nonprofit dynamics can be challenging to understand and navigate. Verónica, Tom, and Lauren will draw from their experiences in the grantmaking and philanthropy service spaces to share insights into how funders approach aspects of the funding process, with the goal of making communication and relationship-building with funders more accessible and inclusive.

Webinar1 hourProposals

Where to start, what's included, and how to share your unique voice.

Resource collection
Funding dynamicsResearch

An article from HBR about better storytelling.

OtherCase studiesIdeas
Relationship-buildingPitchingMaking the askUpdating donors on your workMindsetFunding dynamicsCase studiesIdeasOtherResource collection
Relationship-buildingProposalsResource collectionPitchingMaking the askResearchCase studies
Resource collectionDigital fundraising

A website for digital fundraising professionals, covering topics like how to optimise your website for fundraising and running digital campaigns

WebinarDigital fundraisingResource collection

A giving platform that creates free resources for non-profits

DiscussionsWebinarResource collection

An initiative to encourage giving and conversations/resources around it.

PodcastRelationship-buildingResource collection

Podcast on how to become a better fundraiser

OtherCase studiesResource collectionResearch

Includes a list of recommended resources to develop skills as a fundraiser

Resource collection

“[…] we're creating tools designed around the way charities want to communicate with their donors, so they can spend more time on what matters”


Largely applicable to animal advocacy sas well


This document provides strategic advice and specific funding leads for animal advocacy groups, based on the author's successful experience growing financial support for environmental justice causes, particularly against waste incineration, and outlines how to leverage connections with related movements to secure funding.

1 hour