Onboarding Team Volunteer Role

Onboarding Team Volunteer Role

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🕊️ Onboarding Team:

We will try to get back to you within a week.

👷 Role

  • Volunteer role ~3 hour per week
    • ~30 minutes to 1 hour on at least three days a week consistently (working days preferred)

🧭  Responsibilities:


  • Help welcome new members to the Hive Community, by messaging them with channel suggestions.
  • Add new members to relevant channels.
  • Learn about new and existing community members so that you can develop an ability to introduce members to each other.
  • Continuously learn about new and existing resources via the Hive resource pages, newsletter and Slack channels, so that you can recommend them to members.

Optional, depending on time and preference:

  • Have onboarding calls with new members to show them around Hive and offer tailored tips and resources.

💥 Benefits

  • Provide value and guidance to new Hive members.
  • Connect with farmed animal advocates from across the world.
  • Contribute to strengthening the farmed animal advocacy community.
  • Collaborate with a dedicated team committed to reducing animal suffering.

🎖️ Skills


  • Strong English language skills (reading and writing).
  • Proficiency in using Slack and digital communication tools.
  • Good broad understanding of the animal advocacy movement.
  • Being welcoming, friendly and approachable on the calls and via writing

Good to Have:

About Hive: