Community Expert

Community Expert

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👥 Community Expert Role

We will try to get back to you within a week.

👷 Role

  • Volunteer role ~0.5-3 hours per week
    • We might regularly direct people towards you if they are interested in engaging further with your subject matter, which might cause the workload to vary quite drastically.
    • Beyond that, you are part of our larger “People you should talk to” database, where we don’t expect you to be reached out to more than 1-2 times a month.

🧭 Responsibilities:


  • Engage with and connect people to relevant resources and people in your subject matter.
  • Monitor #03-help-requests and your subject’s channel (if applicable) and provide your input wherever suitable.


  • Monitor #02-discussions provide your input wherever suitable.
  • Post about relevant tools, resources, jobs and news about your subject matter in #05-tools-resources, #06-jobs-posting and #08-news-updates

💥 Benefits

  • Help other advocates interested in your subject matter.
  • Enhance your knowledge and expand your professional network in your subject matter.
  • Gain reputation as expert in your subject matter.
  • Get access to the private #channel-leaders channel

🎖️ Skills


  • Expertise and professional network in your subject matter.
  • Ability to identify needs accurately and provide necessary support and resources.
  • Strong English language skills (reading and writing).
  • Proficiency in using Slack and digital communication tools.

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