Events Aggregator Role

Events Aggregator Role

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📆 Information Management:

👷 Role

  • Volunteer role ~3 hour per week
    • 30 minutes to 1 hour on at least three days a week fairly consistently (working days preferred)
  • Duration - 1 Month (trial period - can go longer if good fit)

🧭 Responsibilities


  • Check all the channels for new events and cross-reference them with Connect for Animals and Activist Hub
  • Use the IAA account to enter in any events missing from these databases twice a week at least
  • Make sure all jobs posted on jobs posting are entered into a shared database (notion or Airtable). Same with offers of help and funding opportunities.
  • Set up an RSS feed for each new data entry.

Optional, depending on time and preference:

  • If IAA community members are planning online meetups, ask them if they would like to have it put on our events page and our calendar

💥 Benefits

  • Be on the forefront of making the animal advocacy community stronger and more efficient
  • Build experience and networks within the animal advocacy community
  • Join a group of dedicated individuals who are committed to reducing animal suffering. You will be in the internal channel on the Slack.
  • Keep up to date about all the valuable events going on
  • Help advocates from around the world be able to find events that connect them with new ideas, tools, and organizations that they otherwise would not have known about

🎖️ Skills


  • Ability to work independently
  • Basic data entry skills
  • Proficient in Notion or Airtable databases

Good To Have:

  • Communication skills
  • Growth mindset
  • Broad knowledge of the animal advocacy movement