Open Volunteer Application

Open Volunteer Application

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⭐ General Volunteer Application

We will try to get back to you within a week. For this role, you will have a 30-minute interview to identify good potential roles and possibly a follow-up call to discuss details.

👷 Role

  • Volunteer role ~1-5 hours per week

🧭  Responsibilities:

We welcome volunteering applications by people who want to join our team but aren’t sure how to best contribute, as well as people who have concrete ideas or skills, but don’t find them filled in our other roles! We are happy to discuss a wide variety of ways for you to get involved, so feel free to pitch us your ideas 🙂

💥 Benefits

Naturally, the exact benefits depend on the role, but we are confident that the following will apply:

  • You will help strengthen the global farmed animal advocacy movement.
  • You will gain experience and upskill in your area of work.
  • You will connect with farmed animal advocates from across the world.

🎖️ Skills

Naturally, the exact skills depend on the role, but the following skills are usually useful:

  • Strong English language skills (reading and writing).
  • Proficiency in using Slack and digital communication tools.
  • Good understanding of our community and programs.
  • Good broad understanding of the farmed animal advocacy movement or detailed understanding of a sub-area within farmed animal advocacy.
  • Open-mindedness and adaptability.
  • Embrace a Growth mindset

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