Here is how to create it for free.

Here is how to replace business cards with a QR code on your phone at conferences etc.


  • saves money on business cards and never run out!
  • allows you to provide multiple links
  • your new contact can go to your links straight away
  • they can take a picture of it with their phone as that’s what people do with business cards anyway

How I created it:

  • Created a free Link Tree website on biosites
  • Added all my main links to the tree
  • Created a QR code online (e.g. here)
  • Created a wallpaper picture in Canva (free) and put the QR code, the shortened link to Link Tree in case people don’t have anything to scan the code with, my name, org, job title and my photo.
  • Changed the wallpaper to this picture, and now you have it as a lock screen, so when you want to show it to people, you don’t even need to unlock your phone. If you have an iPhone, you can actually toggle easily between lock screens, so you don’t even have to have it as your permanent lock screen.

Here is my example attached, it can certainly be prettier if designed by an actual designer, but it will do for now!