Conference Notes

Artificial Intelligence, Conscious Machines, and Animals: Broadening AI Ethics

Oct 6-7, 2023 | Princeton, NJ

Notes by Constance Li

Session 1: The Future of Feelings by Michael Tye
Session 2: Prospects and Pitfalls for a Science of Artificial Consciousness by Henry Shevlin
Session 3 Summary: The Moral and Legal Standing of AI Systems by Jeff Sebo
Session 4 Summary: The Situation of Nonhumans – A Historical and Futuristic Perspective by Tse Yip Fai
Session 5 Summary: Using AI to Understand Animal Communication by Kristin Andrews
Session 6 Summary: Speciesist Bias in AI: Discrimination Against Animals by Leonie Bossert and Thilo Hagendorff
Session 7 Summary Speciesism in Natural Language Processing Research by Masashi Takeshita
Session 8 Summary Animal-Centered AI Systems Design: A Perspective by Clara Mancini
Session 9 Summary: AI's Role in Intensive Farming: A Perspective by Jonathan Birch
Session 9 Summary: Artificial intelligence, animal welfare, and the ethics of smart farming by Walter Veit
Session 10 Summary: AI as the Deus Ex Machina for Replacing Animal Testing by Thomas Hartung
Session 11 Summary: Reflections from a civil servant: how should governments navigate AI and animal ethics by Josh Mounsey