AI for Funders

Platform: ChatGPT Plus and the "AskYourPDF" plugin

-Prompts courtesy of John K Step 1: Upload PDF of grant proposal Step 2: Insert Prompt: Pretend you are an assistant philanthropic advisor, please read this grant proposal to a [description of type of foundation and mission] from a nonprofit organization, and list 5 questions the foundation should ask the nonprofit to ensure the project is impactful and successful.

Example Output:

  1. Sustainability: How do you plan to sustain the [project] after the first year, considering the initial funding covers only the first year's shortfall?
  2. Staffing: You mention that the [project] will operate with current staff. How will you ensure that this additional responsibility does not overburden the current staff and affect the quality of service?
  3. Demand Estimation: How have you estimated the demand for the [project]? What strategies do you have in place to adapt if the actual demand is significantly different from your estimates?
  4. Phase II Planning: Could you provide more details about the Phase II of the project, including the estimated budget and timeline?
  5. Community Impact: How will you measure the impact of the [project] on the community's [impact area]? What key performance indicators will you use to assess the success of the project?