Companies Doing Precision Livestock Farming (PLF):

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1. Merck Global company based in US with a department for Animal Health Intelligence that has multiple products that incorporate AI for monitoring systems in livestock farming, aquaculture, and pets. 2. Connecterra Dutch company with global reach and many corporate partnerships that developed a collar mounted device for dairy cows for monitoring animal health and methane emissions. 3. Vencomatic Group Global company based in The Netherlands with tech for autonomous broiler chicken housing and egg handling that has some AI integration 4. Cainthus US company using AI video monitoring system for managing dairy herds 5. Swedish startup developing AI video monitoring system for managing dairy cow herds 6. AI4Animals Dutch startup using AI monitoring system for slaughterhouses 7. Farmsee ****Israeli startup using AI to monitor growth of pigs 8. OneCup AI Canadian startup using AI to monitor for cow ranching herds 9. Beakbook London tech startup using AI to support the poultry industry

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