Meta, Learning, and Services

Meta, Learning, and Services

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📚Courses and Learning

Here is a list of courses you can take to improve your animal advocacy! Most of them are free and some of them are cohort-based/facilitated while others have been inactive, but still offer value in form of syllabi!

General courses

These courses cover a wide variety of general animal advocacy-related topics!

🌱Organisations and Services

Organisations and consultants

Organisation Building
ResearchAdvocacy Strategy
Organisation Building

“Building a community of BIPOC animal rights advocates by empowering their activism and providing them professional and personal development.”

Communications strategyAdvocacy Strategy
Organisation Building
ResearchScientific Work
Organisation Building
Organisation Building
Organisation Building
Organisation Building
Advocacy Strategy
Website designSoftware

“Do you represent a social and environmental nonprofit organization? We are here to support changemakers like you with pro-bono technological support provided by our tech partners. All you have to do is sign up and submit a project. We operate as a foundation, and our services for nonprofits are free of charge.”


“A directory of independent agencies and freelancers offering expertise to EA-aligned organisations.”

DesignReport designWebsite designCommunications strategySocial media

A creative agency for charities who provide marketing and campaigning solutions to non-profits, multiplying efforts towards solving the world's biggest challenges.

Website designSoftware
Workplace Advocacy
Workplace Advocacy
DesignReport designWebsite design

A creative agency that’s entirely free for animal advocacy organisations.

Organisation Building

Course, Blog, other resources and coaching for financial literacy

Organisation Building

“Critical Diversity Solutions (CDS) provides strategic consulting, equity audits, climate assessment surveys, and training that focus on anti-racism, racial inclusion, and racial-gender equity with intersectional framing (i.e. ability, age, sexual orientation, region, etc). We do give gender inclusion workshops and lectures, understanding that race and other factors will inform gender equity.”

📁 Archive


Maps of all kinds

You can use to create conceptual maps yourself and browse others!

Animal Rights Map

Animal Rights Map is “the largest collection of animal rights activist groups from around the world, all in one single map!”

EA-relevant orgs and initiatives

This Map includes several EA organizations, including several animal advocacy related orgs.

Farm Transparency Map (Australia)

“In development for over 8 years, the Farm Transparency Map is a comprehensive, interactive map of factory farms, slaughterhouses and other animal exploitation facilities across Australia, launched publicly by Farm Transparency Project (formerly Aussie Farms) in January 2019.”

Project Counterglow (US)

Project Counterglow: “Mapping animal exploitation and building a people-powered movement for transparency. When we realized that information about where facilities where animals are exploited and abused was being hidden from the public- and that almost no one knew why- we realized that where our government and courts had failed, we had to take matters into our own hands.”

The KET Maps

The Kindearth.Tech Maps include various “maps” of Alternative Protein organizations

Transparent Farms UK

Transparent Farms UK aims to expose and catalogue animal abuse that takes place on UK farms. We believe more transparency and openness is key to doing that.

We publish a list of intensive farms and slaughterhouses obtained from publicly available data and freedom of information requests.”

Plant-based healthcare providers
Animal Rights Calendar

Animal Rights Calendar is a  calendar web app designed to make organizing events against animal abuse easier and more efficient.

1. All Events in One Place

Organizers can immediately check for date conflicts when creating an event, ensuring that users can participate in multiple events without scheduling conflicts.

2. Convenient Access for Users

Users can access all events conveniently in one place without the need to log into Facebook, Instagram, or provide their data to big data companies.

3. Customized Event Subscriptions

Users have the option to subscribe to a calendar containing all events or events from specific groups. This is a game changer because it eliminates the need to constantly check various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp for event updates. With a quick glance at their calendar on their phone, they can plan their activities and even reschedule if necessary.

4. Increased Engagement

This system encourages more active participation among users. Even if they choose to quit Facebook or WhatsApp, they'll still receive event reminders in their calendar. When planning their activities, they'll be reminded of events happening, which may encourage them to adjust their plans and attend these events.

5. Event Mapping and Geocoding

The app features a map where users can search for events nearby and get an overview. Events are automatically geocoded, making it easy to search for events by radius to a certain point or region, enhancing the accessibility and convenience of finding and participating in events.

Beyond Animals

“Formed in 2018, Beyond Animal was created as a fintech platform to solve the problem of access to capital for companies accelerating the transition away from the use of animals. By connecting the entire ecosystem of stakeholders in the vegan economy, in addition to financing, companies can find the right people, partners, products and resources to turbocharge their business.”

Compassion Is An Action

Compassion Is An Action is a free website that hosts and organizes user generated plant based activism ideas from around the world.

Users can rate the ideas on the site so that other users can find the highest quality and most effective ideas quickly.

As more celebrities and popular organizations join CIAA, users will be able to find activism ideas from the very vegans that inspired them to change to a plant based diet.”

Connect for Animals

Connect For Animals is a free, not-for-profit platform for people who want to create a better world for animals, starting by ending factory farming. Find events, groups, and like-minded people—and learn how to be more effective at advocating for animals.

Food Impacts calculates hours of suffering per 2000 Kcal of animal product. The tool can be adjusted for climate impact, welfare ranges, supply and demand elasticity, and other factors. You can find all their sources to arrive at their data here.

Open Sanctuary

The Open Sanctuary Project is a freely accessible, always growing digital guide for any resources or information you need in order to responsibly create and successfully manage an animal sanctuary or to provide the best possible care to animals in order to help them live long, healthy, happy lives free of exploitation.

All of our resources are researched and responsibly crafted with the intention of promoting compassionate care standards and practices for animals in need of help and sanctuary, while identifying and discouraging practices that are exploitative or harmful to the individual.

Pineapple Operations’ Fiscal Sponsor Directory

“Pineapple Operations is excited to share a list of Fiscal Sponsors from our volunteers! If you have others you think should be included, please let us know.

Anti-Entropy has a great resource on Fiscal Sponsorship, including how to get started and what to consider when selecting a sponsor.”


“Our mission is to build collective power sufficient to realize a just and sustainable food system.

Transfarmation does this by helping farmers transition from industrial animal agriculture operations to raising crops for human consumption. By creating models of alternative economic opportunities, building solidarity with other movements, and shifting societal narratives to change culture, we will realize a just and sustainable food system.”

Today For Animals

“If you've ever wondered what you can do for the benefit of animals, [Today For Animals has] got you covered.”

Welfare Footprint Project

The Welfare Footprint Project is a scientific effort to quantify and map animal welfare across living conditions, production systems, environments and species. To this end, the cumulative load of affective experiences endured by animals is quantified using a biologically meaningful metric: time in affective states (of physical or psychological origin) of different intensities. The project brings together scientific evidence from multiple disciplines, rigorous analytical processes and transparency to inform decision-making. By offering a universal and meaningful metric of animal welfare with cross-disciplinary applicability, the framework enables the much needed integration of animal welfare into policy- and decision-making in multiple areas.

Vegan Linguists

“Every day, more and more people get connected to the internet. As a result, it's becoming increasingly more important to translate online content to reach more people. We want to break through language barriers and spread vegan content across the globe.

Volunteer translators will translate your content for free. All you need to do is sign up and submit your content. They'll take care of the rest.”

Vegan Mentorship

“Do you want to go vegetarian or vegan but need help making the transition? Are you already vegan and want some one-on-one support? Well, you’re in the right place!

Get connected via email with a volunteer mentor who’ll help you with anything from navigating the grocery store aisles to figuring out how to respond when people ask you questions. The Vegan Mentor Program now has 1,200 mentors in 750 cities in 44 countries. Over 6,700 mentees have been matched so far!

Are you an experienced vegan who wants to help others adopt this compassionate lifestyle? Well, you’re in the right place too!”

Capacity Building Table

(services, tools, etc)

Movement Building Table

(Networks, Platforms, etc)

⭐Jobs and Career

Job Boards (largely inspired by this amazing post by Animal Advocacy Careers)

80,000 Hours Job Board (filter for Animal Welfare)

80,000 Hours is a job board for effective altruism organisations. These organisations are focused on solving the world’s most pressing problems in the most effective way possible. Although they promote roles across different causes, they have a number of roles specific to animal welfare. Many of the same roles and organisations are listed here as on Animal Advocacy Careers’ job board, with a roughly similar number of postings. 80,000 Hours has a slightly wider range of roles (e.g. some at animal product alternatives companies), but doesn’t claim or attempt to include all jobs from any particular organisation.

The Animal Advocacy Careers Job Board includes jobs in animal welfare across highly impact-focused animal nonprofit organisations. We list roles at the organisations where we expect that the role has an unusually high impact potential for animals. We do not vet the organisations ourselves but include a column noting whether and how the organisations have been reviewed by Animal Charity Evaluators, whose evaluation criteria include cost-effectiveness and culture.

Some organisations that have never been reviewed by ACE are included because they’ve been found to be promising by grant-makers focused on finding the best opportunities to help animals, such as Open Philanthropy or the EA Animal Welfare Fund. And some others are included because they seem unusually focused on this goal, such as organisations that conduct research into the most effective animal advocacy tactics.

For any organisation included in our systematic searches, we list all their roles and update the job board every two weeks (usually on Mondays). So if you’re looking for roles at those organisations, you can be confident that you won’t miss out on opportunities there. We usually have 100 or more roles on the board at any one time, from a wide variety of countries.

We also accept requests to list roles, if a few criteria are met; with only a few exceptions for unusually promising other types of work, all included roles focus primarily on helping farmed animals, which tends to be the most cost-effective way to help animals.

The Ambitious Impact (AIM) job board features jobs from impact-focused organizations launched by Charity Entrepreneurship graduates.

Cell Agri Job Board promotes roles in cellular agriculture (i.e. cultured meat, a type of animal product alternative) in companies and organisations across the globe. They don’t have an option for filtering but the number of positions is limited, so it will be easy to find if there are any opportunities that suit you well.

EA Opportunity Board (filter for Animal Welfare)

The EA Opportunity board features everything short of permanent positions. They regularly monitor and collect a wide range of opportunities, including internships, volunteer opportunities, conferences, and more. They want to be the go-to board for people interested in exploring what they can do within the effective altruism community. Most of the opportunities featured are within EA organizations and initiatives, but they also feature entry-level opportunities from other organizations working on the most pressing problems. You can filter the board for animal welfare, as well as Routes to Impact, Opportunity Types, Relevant Aptitudes and Location.

This vegan job board is all about careers in the alternative protein space. They include positions in organisations that are driving alternative protein innovation and are looking for motivated, creative and enthusiastic people to join their teams.

It’s a great place to check for relevant and potentially impactful opportunities, but since it relies on organisations submitting the roles themselves, it doesn’t cover all the promising job opportunities in the animal product alternatives space. We recommend that you also follow specific companies that you are excited about from GFI’s company database or the Protein Directory.

This job board includes vegan remote jobs at vegan and vegan-friendly companies. All jobs are hand-screen and vetted to ensure they are remote jobs at 100% vegan and vegan-friendly companies. Although this job board doesn’t work with filters, jobs are grouped by area of expertise so it will be easy to find something that suits particular skillsets.

The Tälist Job Board focuses on jobs within the alternative protein space. There are thousands of jobs listed which you can filter for Location & Remote policy, Job Attributes, and Organisation Attributes.

This job board is great for those who’d like to work at an animal sanctuary and have a closer relationship with animals. We don’t usually recommend this path to people who include helping animals as much as possible as one of their career goals, but their job board also includes some opportunities related to broader education or advocacy which might be more impactful. Most but not all roles are based in the United States. is probably the widest known vegan job board. They are a global vegan job and resume hub operated by vegans for vegans and plant based / vegan-oriented businesses and organisations. It’s free both for candidates and organisations. In this job board, you’re most likely to find open positions at vegan start-ups and companies, but they also have vacant positions at animal nonprofits.

There are usually hundreds or even thousands of roles listed here. The vegan jobs board relies on organisations manually posting each of their jobs, so it's only comprehensive for any particular organisation if they are diligent in posting every role to the most relevant job boards (which many of them are, of course!).

The board requires that each posting business “offers only vegan products/services,” which isn’t a strict requirement for some of the other job boards we’ve listed in this post. But there’s no requirement or filtering for the organisation being particularly impactful for animals.

Vegan Mainstream is a company that provides services to support vegan business owners and entrepreneurs. They include a job board on their website as part of their services (for free). Vegan Mainstreams’ job board includes a wide range of animal jobs, including in vegan businesses and nonprofit organisations. When we wrote this article, there were 42 jobs on the board, over half of which were at PETA. Other organisations had some but not all of their roles listed.

Vegan Media Market is not a traditional job board, but it is an amazing place to find freelancing gigs that help animals. It's just like Fiverr, but for vegans and animal advocates. Vegan Media Market is free to use for businesses, with a small commission charged to freelancers. This is significantly lower than the commission charged by sites such as Upwork, and there is no fee for freelancers to post listings.

Vegpreneur job board promotes sustainable and vegan jobs, as well as internships. They only include a few listings but also link to a number of other job boards you might find useful.

Vevolution’s Job Board focuses on jobs at vegan businesses. They are a global movement that joins together plant-based and cellular agriculture innovators from around the world — where entrepreneurs, emerging startups and investors come together. As such, in this job board, you’re most likely to find jobs related to plant-based and cellular agriculture, especially in vegan start-ups. Organisations need to pay to list their roles here.

VegNews job board doesn’t have hundreds of roles, but it is updated often, so it might well be where you’ll find your next vegan job! They are most focused on companies and nonprofits across the United States of America.

Career Advice and Consultation