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Jobs and Careers

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🤝Need personalized support? 1-1 Advice

The following organisations offer 1:1 career advice! We recommend to apply to each of them in order to maximize your chances to receive advice and ideally get different perspectives:

Whether you’re changing careers, just starting out, or are already on an impactful path but have questions or uncertainties, our advisors are here to help. Here’s what we can do on the free 1:1 call: - Review your options - Make Introductions - Suggest Next Career Steps
Who can we help? Our advising program is geared toward people who want to have a meaningful impact with their careers. We talk with students who are open to exploring a broad range of career paths and with seasoned professionals seeking impactful projects that could use their expertise. Some people come into advising sessions with set plans and strong intuitions about their career, while others come in with broad questions and a lot of uncertainty. Our goal is to meet you where you’re at and equip you with whatever is needed to move forward in finding a career that can meaningfully impact the world.

SuccesIf is a go-to place for mid-career to senior professionals. They do mentoring, coachings, and professional training.

You'll be invited to collaborative sessions with your peers to learn more about and discuss your chosen cause areas, your best-fit roles, and how to maximize your impact. Then you'll receive individual advising sessions with one of our expert advisors, tailored to your needs and preferences. Our interventions to help you switch career may include coaching and mentorship, suggesting resources, providing you with training, introducing you to companies or other professionals, and more.

You can apply to their services here!

🧭Just getting started? Guides and Courses

The following resources are longer-form content, aiming to give you the rundown on… well… almost everything related to career planning! They are ideal, if you aren’t sure where to start, but naturally, they all contain sections that are valuable, even if you have a good idea on what you want to do and how you plan to get there! We recommend skimming through all of them and reading the articles most relevant to you!

The 80,000 Hours Career Guide aims to cover the most important basic concepts in career planning in 12 parts.

  • Part 1 is about what to look for in a fulfilling job longer term - we recommend everyone to read this part:  What makes for a dream job?
  • Part 2 - 6 are about which options are most impactful for the world - we recommend these parts for everyone, who is very uncertain about where to focus their career
  • Part 7 - 10 cover how to find the best option for you and invest in your skills - we recommend these parts to everyone who roughly knows what they want to do (e.g., animal advocacy work), but isn’t quite sure where to start. Additionally, we believe that Part 6 is a great read for you too, if this description applies.
  • Part 11 - 12 cover how to take action and launch your dream career - we recommend everyone to read these parts.

Occasionally, EA Virtual Programs offers (free) Online Courses to go through the career guide in a small group and with a facilitator! Keep an eye open on them here.

The articles and career planning template on this page are designed to help you make the best possible decisions in planning out your career.

They’re in-depth and based on the best academic research and existing advice we could find. And we’ve tested and refined the advice in them over the years by advising over 1,000 people one-on-one.

Follow the links below to make great career decisions, review your progress, and create a career plan you feel confident in.

If you’re already familiar with the ideas in our career guide, this series aims to deepen your understanding of how to increase the impact of your career.

Browse through the titles below, and read whichever interests you. Here’s a reminder about what our advice is based on and some tips on how to best use it.

We think their website describes it best!

This course is perfect for animal advocates like you who want to make a real difference for animals, especially using your career. Whether you're at the beginning of your advocacy journey or simply looking to boost your current path, we believe that by the end of the course: - Discover exciting career options that can make a real impact for animals and bring you personal satisfaction. - Craft your own career plan designed to maximise your positive impact for animals. - Gain actionable clarity on your next steps to put your career plan into motion. - Join a community of change-makers —connect, share, and collaborate with like-minded advocates worldwide.

Probably Good’s Career Guide was developed to to help you figure out what careers would be best for you, while taking your social impact into account.

We recommend you reading the whole guide (as we do with all the guides), but it is also smoothly separated in three sections, which roughly correlate with three different stages in your career planning.

They also have a core advice series which you could finish in ~40 minutes! Check it out here.

The Impact Accelerator Program, similarly to the EA VP Career Planning Program, is a cohort-based program in which you learn everything you need to start the next stage in your career path with a small group and a facilitator! Make sure to send an Expression of Interest to stay up-to-date on when the next round is happening!

Who should apply? We are looking for motivated, results-driven, experienced professionals who aspire to maximize their impact and would appreciate guidance in navigating the path to achieving it. We expect that you’d get the most value out of the program if you are a mid-career or senior professional not currently working at an EA-aligned organization, and you've spent some time thinking about how you can do the most good but have not yet taken many significant steps in that direction.

👩‍🔬Figuring out what and how to do it? Personal Fit and Skill-Building

These resources help you narrow down your choice and build up the necessary skills to succeed in your career. Some of the resources here are part of the guides and courses above - but it certainly doesn’t harm to revisit them!

General Insights into different Careers

Here are a few ways to get an overview of what kind of positions there are in the animal advocacy movement and how they look like:

Job Boards

By scanning different positions, their requirements and responsibilities, you can get a good overview of the variety of people and skillsets needed in animal advocacy! It will also give you a rough idea of what sorts of credentials and experiences you’d usually require to land such jobs”

Find our list of job boards below!

How I Learned to Love Shrimp Podcast

On the How I Learned to Love Shrimp Podcast, Amy and James interview professional animal advocates form many different careers! Listening to their insights and experiences is a great way to understand more about these positions!

Tälist Alternative Protein Resources

Tälist has en event series, in which they invite professionals from the Alternative Protein Industry to learn more about their work:

In this event series a professional in the Alternative Protein Industry shares their experience. This event is perfect for job seekers, exploring roles in the Alternative Protein industry. Professionals share their journey followed by Q&A. Learn about education tracks, career experiences, and key insights!

They also have a podcast in which they interview industry professionals

In “Cultivating Careers In Alternative Proteins”, Jeffray Behr gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the Alternative Protein industry by sharing stories of people working in this field. Together with his podcast guests, he talks about their career paths, what it's like to work at an Alt. Protein company, and how you can cultivate your own career in this revolutionary field.

From process development engineer, food safety specialist, and plant-based nutrition advisor to investor or entrepreneur - the podcast covers a diverse range of roles and experiences.

Job Profiles on the EA Forum

The EA Forum has ~50 job profiles (i.e., people talking about their jobs) - we think reading through these might be good way to grasp the day-to-day’s of different jobs!

Personal Fit

Why it’s important to test your personal fit


[Adapted from 80,000 Hours article on Personal Fit and Job Satisfaction]

Everyone says it’s important to find a job you’re good at, but no one tells you how.

The standard advice is to think about it for weeks and weeks until you “discover your talent.” To help, career advisers give you quizzes about your interests and preferences.

But as shown in this article, becoming really good at most things takes decades of practice. So to a large degree, your abilities are built rather than “discovered.”

Asking “What am I good at?” needlessly narrows your options. It’s better to ask: “What could I become good at?”

That aside, the bigger problem is that these methods aren’t reliable. Plenty of research shows that while it’s possible to predict what you’ll be good at ahead of time, it’s difficult. Just “going with your gut” is particularly unreliable, and it turns out career tests don’t work very well either.

Similarly, research shows that although self-reflection is useful, it only goes so far.

You can probably think of times in your own life when you were excited about a holiday or party — but when it actually happened, it was just OK. In the last few decades, research has shown that this is common:

We’re not always great at predicting what will make us most happy, and we don’t realise how bad we are.

This means we can’t just trust our intuitions; we need a more systematic way of working out which job is best for us.

(You can learn more about Job Satisfaction here, note that this is slightly different from Personal Fit, i.e., whether you will be able to become good at a certain position, whereby being good is not only one of six factors to predict job satisfaction, but also very important from an impact perspective.)

Particularly important positions

If you are not already laser-focused on one particularly career path, you might want to test your personal fit on more options that you’d think! One way to pursue this, is to test your fit for positions that are particularly talent-constrained, so that if it turns out that you are in fact a great fit for these roles, you don’t only have to worry less about competition, you are also more likely to make larger counterfactual impact! These broad talents seem to be particularly constrained right now:

According to the AAC Survey:

  1. Leadership and Senior Management
  2. Fundraising or Development
  3. Government, Policy, Lobbying, or Legal
  4. Campaigns, Corporate Engagement or Volunteer Management
  5. Marketing or Communications
  6. Research

According to the Animal Advocacy Strategy Forum 2023:

  1. Experts on the developing world or specific neglected, but populous countries
  2. Fundraising
  3. Government and policy and/or lobbying experts
  4. Movement building (skilled at providing training)
  5. Management
  6. The ability to really figure out what matters most and set the right priorities
  7. Skills related to entrepreneurship/founding new organizations

How to test your personal fit

Position specific resources
Animal Advocacy Careers Skill Profiles

Animal Advocacy Careers has Skill Profiles on some of the most impactful opportunities in Animal Advocacy! They are a great place to start testing your personal fit on, as they provide you a glimpse of what the position is like, what kinds of skills are needed, how to go about building said skills and much more! Check them out:

80,000 Hours Career Reviews and Skill Profiles

80,000 Hours isn’t solely focused on farmed animal welfare and their reviews are more broadly applicable, which, depending on your current situation, might just be an upside!

They have Career Reviews, many of which can be applied to animal advocacy, which largely go over the impact one could have, but also include “How to assess your fit” and “How to enter this field” sections!

They also have Skill Profiles which go deeper into testing your fit for certain skillsets!

Probably Good Career Profiles

Probably Good covers several careers that neither of the above cover! Their profiles also have sections on “Is it a good fit for you?” and “Strategies & next steps”.

Other positions

Here are some more valuable resources we found!

Animal Law (by Animal Advocacy Careers)

Animal Advocacy Careers has published dozens of blog posts exploring careers in animal law and a full guide on the topic!

Earning to Give (by Animal Advocacy Careers and 80,000 Hours)

This is not a typical test of personal fit, but given the enormous funding constraint in farmed animal advocacy, earning to give might be a particularly promising path! Here are some articles for you to read to learn more about the idea, advantages, constraints and downsides of earning to give:

🔎Know what you want to do? Job Boards and Job Hunting

Job Boards

Impact-focused ⭐

These Job boards are curated to only include jobs that are particularly impactful:

The Animal Advocacy Careers Job Board includes jobs in animal welfare across highly impact-focused animal nonprofit organisations:

We list roles at the organisations where we expect that the role has an unusually high impact potential for animals. We do not vet the organisations ourselves but include a column noting whether and how the organisations have been reviewed by Animal Charity Evaluators, whose evaluation criteria include cost-effectiveness and culture.Some organisations that have never been reviewed by ACE are included because they’ve been found to be promising by grant-makers focused on finding the best opportunities to help animals, such as Open Philanthropy or the EA Animal Welfare Fund. And some others are included because they seem unusually focused on this goal, such as organisations that conduct research into the most effective animal advocacy tactics. For any organisation included in our systematic searches, we list all their roles and update the job board every two weeks (usually on Mondays). So if you’re looking for roles at those organisations, you can be confident that you won’t miss out on opportunities there. We usually have 100 or more roles on the board at any one time, from a wide variety of countries. We also accept requests to list roles, if a few criteria are met; with only a few exceptions for unusually promising other types of work, all included roles focus primarily on helping farmed animals, which tends to be the most cost-effective way to help animals.
80,000 Hours Job Board (filter for Animal Welfare) ⭐

80,000 Hours is a job board for effective altruism organisations. These organisations are focused on solving the world’s most pressing problems in the most effective way possible. Although they promote roles across different causes, they have a number of roles specific to animal welfare. Many of the same roles and organisations are listed here and on Animal Advocacy Careers’ job board, with a roughly similar number of postings.

Probably Good Job Board (filter for Animal Welfare) ⭐

“A continuously updated, curated list of high-impact jobs for people who want to make a difference.”

EA Opportunity Board (filter for Animal Welfare)

The EA Opportunity board features everything short of permanent positions. They regularly monitor and collect a wide range of opportunities, including internships, volunteer opportunities, conferences, and more. They want to be the go-to board for people interested in exploring what they can do within the effective altruism community. Most of the opportunities featured are within EA organizations and initiatives, but they also feature entry-level opportunities from other organizations working on the most pressing problems. You can filter the board for animal welfare, as well as Routes to Impact, Opportunity Types, Relevant Aptitudes and Location.

The AIM job board features jobs from impact-focused organizations launched by graduates of AIM’s (previously Charity Entrepeneurship) programs.

Alternative Protein Jobs

The Tälist Job Board focuses on jobs within the alternative protein space. There are thousands of jobs listed which you can filter for Location & Remote policy, Job Attributes, and Organisation Attributes.

This vegan job board is all about careers in the alternative protein space. They include positions in organisations that are driving alternative protein innovation and are looking for motivated, creative and enthusiastic people to join their teams. It’s a great place to check for relevant and potentially impactful opportunities, but since it relies on organisations submitting the roles themselves, it doesn’t cover all the promising job opportunities in the animal product alternatives space. We recommend that you also follow specific companies that you are excited about from GFI’s company database or the Protein Directory.

Cell Agri Job Board promotes roles in cellular agriculture (i.e. cultured meat, a type of animal product alternative) in companies and organisations across the globe. They don’t have an option for filtering but the number of positions is limited, so it will be easy to find if there are any opportunities that suit you well.

Vevolution’s Job Board focuses on jobs at vegan businesses. They are a global movement that joins together plant-based and cellular agriculture innovators from around the world — where entrepreneurs, emerging startups and investors come together. As such, in this job board, you’re most likely to find jobs related to plant-based and cellular agriculture, especially in vegan start-ups. Organisations need to pay to list their roles here.

More Job Boards

It’s probably not wise to follow too many job boards at the same time. However, if the above are not enough/in your interest, here are all the other veganism/animal-advocacy related job boards we could find:

This job board is great for those who’d like to work at an animal sanctuary and have a closer relationship with animals. We don’t usually recommend this path to people who include helping animals as much as possible as one of their career goals, but their job board also includes some opportunities related to broader education or advocacy which might be more impactful. Most but not all roles are based in the United States. is probably the widest known vegan job board. They are a global vegan job and resume hub operated by vegans for vegans and plant based / vegan-oriented businesses and organisations. It’s free both for candidates and organisations. In this job board, you’re most likely to find open positions at vegan start-ups and companies, but they also have vacant positions at animal nonprofits.

There are usually hundreds or even thousands of roles listed here. The vegan jobs board relies on organisations manually posting each of their jobs, so it's only comprehensive for any particular organisation if they are diligent in posting every role to the most relevant job boards (which many of them are, of course!).

The board requires that each posting business “offers only vegan products/services,” which isn’t a strict requirement for some of the other job boards we’ve listed in this post. But there’s no requirement or filtering for the organisation being particularly impactful for animals.

Vegan Mainstream is a company that provides services to support vegan business owners and entrepreneurs. They include a job board on their website as part of their services (for free). Vegan Mainstreams’ job board includes a wide range of animal jobs, including in vegan businesses and nonprofit organisations. When we wrote this article, there were 42 jobs on the board, over half of which were at PETA. Other organisations had some but not all of their roles listed.

Vegan Media Market is not a traditional job board, but it is an amazing place to find freelancing gigs that help animals. It's just like Fiverr, but for vegans and animal advocates. Vegan Media Market is free to use for businesses, with a small commission charged to freelancers. This is significantly lower than the commission charged by sites such as Upwork, and there is no fee for freelancers to post listings. connects you with the best vegan job sites to help you find your next career opportunity.

Vegpreneur job board promotes sustainable and vegan jobs, as well as internships. They only include a few listings but also link to a number of other job boards you might find useful.

VegNews job board doesn’t have hundreds of roles, but it is updated often, so it might well be where you’ll find your next vegan job! They are most focused on companies and nonprofits across the United States of America.

Make sure to join our #06-job-postings channel to stay up to date on job opportunities!

Talent Databases

You can enter your details in these databases and have the employers find you!

High Impact Professionals has a Talent Directory for promising candidates interested in high impact career paths! Here is their sign up form.

Find talent seeking generalist part- or full-time work within the next 6 months.

Make sure to join our #09-looking-for-work channel to enter your skills and experiences!

Resources on Job Hunting

Here are some resources on Job Hunting that we found particularly valuable!

💡Where can I learn more?

Many of the resources in this page are taken from the following three organizations. Broadly speaking, each of these organisations and their pages have their own specialities but also include resources that are valuable to most people aiming for a career (in animal advocacy). We strongly recommend checking them out!

We strongly recommend Animal Advocacy Careers as your go-to place to learn more about how to best use your career to advocate for animals! Some of our favourite resources include their:

80,000 Hours is the most established career organisations that prioritize impact. They are not specialized in animal advocacy but have a ton of general career/impact resources that are widely applicable. Some of our favourite resources include their:

Probably Good is a fairly new career organisation that prioritizes impact. Even though they are relatively new, they already have some very valuable resources, such as:

Additionally, if you are intersted in alternative proteins, we strongly recommend you to keep an eye out on Tälist!

Tälist is our recommendation for anyone interested in alternative protein careers. Most notably, they have an extremely large job board for all sorts of roles in Alt-Protein, usually housing 1000+ jobs at any given time. They also have even more resources for Alt-Protein people here!