Job posting guidelines

These guidelines are primarily aimed at Hive members posting for paid jobs. To ensure that #06-jobs-posting are useful for members, posts that do not meet these requirements may be flagged and removed by the channel moderators. We’ll always let you know why your post was flagged and give you an opportunity to update it or post in a different channel.

The only unpaid opportunities we allow in #06-job-posting are board member positions. Other unpaid or gig opportunities should be shared in #03-help-requests. This also includes opportunities that may lead to paid positions further down the line such as unpaid internships.

Basic principles

  • Posts in #06-job-posting should be aimed at helping farmed animals. If the link to helping farmed animals is fairly indirect, please do make it explicit.
    • E.g., “Our World in Data is looking for a staff writer - (they are one of the few data aggregators that focus on animal welfare)”
    • E.g., “My friend Richie is hiring for a chief of staff for his GLP1 (weight loss meds like Ozempic) telehealth company. […] The target market is overweight middle aged men in the US, who are among the top per capita meat consumers so there is a pretty decent theory of change that this company will also help animals because the patients will end up eating less.
  • Posts in #06-jobs-posting should include the information candidates need to rule out a position (title, company, location, compensation). This saves time for recruiters and job seekers!
  • Keep posts succinct and skimmable. Interested candidates will go to your full job posting to get all the details. Bullet points help make relevant details easier to skim.
  • Make next steps obvious. If folks should apply via your website, say so. If you want people to follow up directly with you, say so. This also saves everyone time.

What to include

✅ Minimum requirements

  • Role/title (with link to official job posting, if applicable)
  • Organization (with link to website, if applicable)
  • Location (in #06-job-postings we would like to see options that are accessible to a large part of the community. This means that we prefer remote options or options in major hubs)
  • Compensation (if it is significantly below or above market rates or otherwise unexpected)

🏆 Optional, but great to include

  • Most restrictive job requirement (e.g. PhD in X, 7years of experience in Y)
  • Your connection to the hiring company
  • Employment type (full time, part time, contract, internship, etc.)
  • Length of engagement
  • Due date and/or application timeline
  • Compensation (salary or hourly rate), or state that the pay range is not known. This is especially important, if the salary information is not immediately visible on the linked website.

💡 Considerations behind these requirements

  • Role/Title: Helps job seekers understand right away if the job fits their interests and qualifications.
  • Company/organization: Linking to the website helps job seekers understand what the organization does and how it contributes to animal advocacy without you needing to spell it out in the post in #06-job-posting.
  • Location
    • On-site, hybrid, or remote: Clarifying location expectations helps job seekers know if the job is available for them. If the organization only hires remote employees from certain states or countries, please note that.
    • Time zone restrictions: Stating time zone restrictions up front helps candidates know whether or not to apply.
    • Visa sponsorship: Hive members are based all over the world. Stating whether the organization is able to sponsor a visa helps members know if the job is relevant to them.
  • Compensation: Providing a public salary band promotes pay equity and helps candidates determine whether a position meets their needs.

How to format it

  • Limit Slack link previews. Slack will automatically generate previews for every link. Because of the volume of posts in #06-job-posting, we ask that you limit the number of previews shown. You can have as many links as you want (those are usually great resources) but please limit to one preview per post.
  • Post in a single message - don’t break up your posting into two or more. If you accidentally submitted it, no worries. You can go back and edit it from the triple dot menu that shows up when you hover over your message.


Posted in an official capacity (e.g., recruiter, founder, employee)

👍 Good example: This example meets all the requirements for a Hive job post, along with details about restrictive job requirements and the poster’s connection to the hiring company.

AnimalForward, Inc. is hiring a Software Engineer! We are an established company with a goal to empower organizations across sectors to reach their zero animal exploitation pledges before 2030. We are looking for a candidate with previous experience building big data infrastructure.

I’m a recruiter for AnimalForward, Inc., so please feel free to reach out to me directly!

  • Title: Software Engineer
  • Location: Remote (US candidates only, 5 hours within Pacific time zone)
  • Salary: $126-245K, commensurate with experience
  • Timeline: We’re looking to hire ASAP, and will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

👍 Good example: This post meets the requirements because it includes a statement about compensation. However, we would encourage this poster to set and publish a salary range for the role, as evidence supports that pay transparency promotes pay equity. If you need help setting a salary band, here’s a resource on how to get started.

My startup, AnimalForward, just came out of stealth mode! We’re looking for the founding member of our design practice, who will be instrumental in shaping the design of our software platform to best meet the needs of users.
  • Title: Design practice lead
  • Location: On-site preferred (Denver, CO); Remote, US available. Your work will involve regular onsite research with our users, so we are looking to hire someone who can commit to at least 3 days a week of onsite work and is willing to relocate to Denver.
  • Salary: We have not yet set a salary range, but will offer competitive pay based on the candidate’s level of experience.

Posted in an unofficial capacity (e.g., saw an opening and wanted to pass it along to the community)

👎 Bad example: The average reader won’t know what the organization does or if they can even legally work for them. It requires several steps before members can collect this information themselves, which means less time looking for the perfect job.

Hey I saw this on LinkedIn and wanted to pass it along! http://www.company.com/jobs

👉 Better example: This post includes the company name and the position they are hiring for. This is helpful, but still requires follow up from job seekers with particular location or salary requirements. Taking a moment to add more info from the official job post would make a big difference to the people who see the post!

Saw on LinkedIn that Chicken|Helpers is hiring for a product manager. I’m not affiliated with them, but wanted to pass the job description along! http://www.company.com/jobs

👉 Best example: This post includes all the information needed to help people rule out a position and the means to follow up if they are interested. Bonus points for specifying that the poster is not affiliated with the company, which may reduce the number of DMs they get asking about the position.

Saw on LinkedIn that Chicken|Helpers is hiring a product manager. I’m not affiliated with them, but it looks like they do great work in the residential electrification space. Here’s the link to the jobs page! http://www.company.com/job
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Location: Remote for U.S. candidates, but couldn’t tell from the posting if they needed a particular time zone! They said they don’t sponsor visas unfortunately.
  • Compensation: $40,000 - $60,000

💬 Feedback?

This is part of a broader effort from the Hive Team to make it easier for members to find relevant opportunities, and we’re excited to hear your feedback in the #x-feedback channel!